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School Readings

Want to inspire your students to embrace life's challenges?

Invite authors Maureen & Chris Harrington to share their inspiring new children's book Ivy the Very Determined Dog (A True Story)

Author visit includes:

  • A live reading of the Ivy the Very Determined Dog (with Ivy!)

  • Short video (created by The DODO) showing Ivy's inspirational story

  • Interactive discussions with students about determination, inner strength, disabilities, and embracing what makes us "different"

  • A demonstration of how Ivy gets around in her wheels and of just two paws

  • Q&A session

  • Special discounted "pawtographed" book for students and staff

  • Free Ivy bookmark and coloring page for every student

(Presentation will be approximately 60 minutes)

What students will take away from our visit:

  • Learn what determination means and how to apply it in life

  • Gain an understanding how Ivy overcame her challenging circumstance

  • How positivity will help when faced with a challenge

  • How to find inner strength

  • How Ivy's real-life story was transformed into a bestselling book

Schedule A Reading

Are you a teacher, librarian or hospital that would like to schedule a live reading of Ivy the Very Determined Dog? Contact us for details! Not from Massachusetts, no worries, we do travel or we can set up a live skype meeting with the one and only, Ivy!